Rangeen Mahal

A colourful palace in Bidar fort’s vicinity A riot of colours. Albeit faded because of the passage of time. That's what Rangeen Mahal in Bidar’s fort is all about.

The Rangeen Mahal is not a well-known place, but just enter the premises and you will be in for a surprise. The calligraphy, the paintings and the colours used are all mesmerising. The woodwork is made in the Persian and Indian style, and both the artists have great artistry even as they have kept to their respective styles. The palace also has art works made of sea shells. One can spot stucco art on the walls of this palace. There are also several verses carved out in the palace that speak of love and admiration for the king and the throne.

Rangeen Mahal was constructed during the time of Baridshahi dynasty’s first king Ali Barid (1524-1580). Ali was a great patroniser of Persian poetry and art. It was his encouragement that led to the construction of the Mahal, it is said. When the Baridshahis found it difficult to look after the Bidar Fort, built by the Bahmani rulers, they took to living in the more secure Rangeen Mahal.


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